Are you going to deactivate a Salesforce user account and there are a bunch of report schedules "Scheduled As" for that user? Are you worried that once you deactivate that user, you might have to recreate those report schedules all over again? Don't you worry. It is pretty easy to change the "Scheduled As" value.

"Scheduled As" is using the OwnerId field of the Report Schedule record and it's showing the Name of the user who is the owner of the record. There are multiple ways to change the owner of a record in Salesforce. Let's look at one of them.

Note: Once you have successfully updated the Owner for report schedules, you need to make sure that the new owner has authorised Report Sender to run and send reports on their behalf. Follow this article on how to do that and this step needs to be performed by the new owner.

Use Change Owner list view button

  1. Go to Setup and search for Tabs in Quick Find

  2. Click Tabs and on the Custom Object Tabs, click New

  3. Create a new tab for Report Schedule custom object

  4. We recommend enabling this tab only for System Administrator profile

  5. Add the tab to CloudAnswers Report Sender lightning app

  6. Open the Report Schedules tab, update the list view fields to show Owner First Name and Owner Last Fields. Select the records for which you want to update the "Scheduled As" and click Change Owner.

  7. Select the new Owner and save.

Another Option: Use Dataloader to update OwnerId field

You can also use Dataloader to export the records for Report Schedule (API name = analyticsengine__Setting__c) object. Use some spreadsheet software or any other text editor of your choice to update the OwnerId for the records with new User Id. Once you are sure you have updated the records, you can update the records using Dataloader.

Important: What if the user you are going deactivate is the one who activated Report Sender? Now, you might be wondering how to find who activated Report Sender. The name of the user who activated Report Sender is displayed in the app header on the right hand side with label "Running As". If you are going to deactivate this user, use the toggle button above it to deactivate and reactivate Report Sender as the new user.

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