Are you going to deactivate a Salesforce user account and there are a bunch of report schedules for that user? Are you worried that once you deactivate that user, you might have to recreate those report schedules all over again? Don't worry. It is pretty easy to change the "Scheduled As" value.

What is the Schedule Owner?

When a report schedule is created, the user that created it is set as the schedule owner. This shows up in the "Scheduled As" column when you're looking at the All Report Schedules view. If you are looking at this field in a Salesforce list view, or through a data tool it'll show up as the Owner (OwnerId) of the Report Schedule.

The schedule owner is very important for a few reasons:

  1. The Schedule Owner is used to log in and get the report data.

  2. The Schedule Owner can edit the report schedule even if the sharing settings are set to public read-only or private.

  3. Unless you have selected a different From address (Report Sender Plus feature), the Schedule Owner's email is the From address.

Note: This is different than the Running User. For more info on the Running User, see the article What Does the Report Sender do Every Hour?

Important: Schedule Owners Must Authorize Report Sender

If the new Schedule Owner has not used Report Sender and authorized access, this must be done before assigning schedules to this user or the reports will fail to send.

  • Log In to Salesforce as the new owner. You cannot use the Login-As admin function for this, use username/password or any SSO solution set up for your org.

  • Go to the CloudAnswers Report Sender tab.

  • If the Reauthorize button is showing, click that. Otherwise, click the New Schedule button.

  • When you see the following prompt, click Yes.

Option 1: Use the "Change Owner" list view button

  1. Go to Setup and search for Tabs in Quick Find

  2. Click Tabs and on the Custom Object Tabs, click New

  3. Create a new tab for Report Schedule custom object

  4. We recommend enabling this tab only for System Administrator profile

  5. Add the tab to CloudAnswers Report Sender lightning app

  6. Open the Report Schedules tab, update the list view fields to show Owner First Name and Owner Last Fields. Select the records for which you want to update the "Scheduled As" and click Change Owner.

  7. Select the new Owner and save.

Option 2: Use Dataloader to update OwnerId field

You can also use Dataloader to export the records for Report Schedule (API name = analyticsengine__Setting__c) object. Include the Id, Name and OwnerId in your export. Use some spreadsheet software or any other text editor of your choice to update the OwnerId for the records with new User Id. Once you have updated the CSV file, you can update the records using Dataloader.

Important: Changing Running User

If the user you are going to deactivate is the one who activated Report Sender, read this section.

The name of the user who activated Report Sender is displayed in the app header on the right-hand side with the label "Running As". If you are going to deactivate this user, log in as the new user and use the toggle button above it to deactivate and reactivate Report Sender as the new user.

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