It was time for some spring cleaning so the developers delivered a lot of little things including links to duplicates and improved permission handling. Check the Release Notes below for details.

Release Schedule

April 12, 2021 - Available on the AppExchange

April 13, 2021 - Pushed to all sandboxes

April 19, 2021 - Pushed to all production orgs

Release Notes

Name fields now link to the duplicate record

Now you can click on any record name field to get the link. If you override the default columns make sure to add your Name field if you want a link to the duplicate records.

Disable Review and Merge button if someone doesn't have delete permissions

We never let people merge duplicates if they didn't have permission, but we did tease them with the Review and Merge button. This button is now disabled if the user does not have the delete permission on the object they are viewing.

Bug Fixes

We also fixed a number of bugs:

  • When merging objects that have related emails users were occasionally seeing an error related to the ValidatedFromAddress field, we no longer update this field which is populated by Salesforce automatically.

  • The cancel button was not working in Console apps after starting a merge. Now you can cancel if you don't want to merge records.

  • There were some problems merging addresses if two records were different, now address fields show as one full address and can be easily selected.

  • Formula fields that used HTML formatting such as hyperlinks were showing HTML tags. Now they display properly.

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