After you install the WikiThing component and add it to a page then you will want to customize how it looks and what it says.  Here are ways you can make it fit to your business.


If you want people to see something besides Wiki at the top, just give it a Title.


Enter an "identifier" so that all wiki articles created will be stored with this and it'll only show articles with this identifier. Use this when you have multiple wikis on one page and want different content or when you want to show a subset of your wiki somewhere.

One Wiki per Record

Use this so that each record gets its own articles. This makes the wiki behave like a notes field where you can edit notes for just the record you are looking at. You can combine this with a flow that automatically creates a wiki for each new record for pre-templated notes like close plans on Opportunities or customer success plans for Accounts.

Inline Accordion

Turn this on to make the contents show up inside the component within an accordion view.  This is great when you want to quickly look at small articles, but less great if your articles are long.

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