I just installed Report Sender, why can't I find the tab?

If you've just installed report sender and don't see the tab, you probably don't have My Domain enabled. For details and how to fix, see the article Don't See Report Sender Tab in Lightning after Installation.

Why did I get an Insufficient Privileges error?

These typically show up in two places. Click for appropriate solutions:

Why is a user getting an Authorization failed error?

This typically happens when logins are restricted in a way that prevents Report Sender from logging in to run a report as a user. Check this article on how to fix authorization failed errors.

Why am I getting an error when sending an email that the Email Attachment Body is Null?

This typically occurs when you have identity verification set to require a high assurance session, which means Report Sender can't get the report data. See details and how to fix.

Why am I getting an error when sending an email that says NO_MASS_EMAIL_PERMISSION?

When testing out report sender in sandboxes, often customers get this error because emails are disabled by default. See how to enable emails.

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