The CloudAnswers ReportSender app does not impose size limits on your reports being sent, but the program is run on the Salesforce platform so it is governed by the following platform limits that keep the system stable for everyone.

Number of Report Schedules

There is no hard limit on the number of report schedules. Just keep in mind that having a large number of report schedules scheduled at the same time may delay the exact time each schedule is received since they are sent one by one starting at the top of the hour.

150 recipients per email

You can specify up to 150 recipients. Each field is also limited to 4,000 bytes.

5000 recipients per day

Based on Salesforce's general email limits. This is across all emails sent through your Salesforce org but can affect Report Sender.

12MB file size

This is the maximum amount of heap space Salesforce will allocate to us for file processing. See Execution Governor Limits.

2 Minute Report Processing Time

This is the maximum amount of time Salesforce will let the code wait for the reporting API to respond with the report data.

5 Active Batch Classes at a Time

This limit is not very common but if your org has a lot of batch jobs that run regularly your reports might not always go out exactly on the hour since Salesforce will only process 5 jobs at one time. See the line on "Maximum number of batch Apex jobs queued or active concurrently."

Max 100 columns in XLSX export format

Salesforce API which is used in the app can process reports which contain up to 100 columns.

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