This article is aimed at people using the Salesforce Free Marketing Calendar and who want to automate the colors that are used for those campaigns using only point-and-click config.

Should Webinar Campaigns always be red?
Should Status Planning campaigns always be yellow?

Note: Your user must be an administrator to follow the steps below.

Steps to create a process builder to set the color:

1. Navigate to: Setup > Create > Workflows & Approvals > Process Builder

2. Click "New" in top right

3. Enter the following values at the prompt then click "Save":

4. Click "Add Object" then choose "Campaign" and "when a record is created or edited" then click "Save"

5. Click "Add Criteria" on the left, then enter the following values (this example is detecting an Email type campaign but you can use your own logic), then click "Save":

6. Click "Add Action" then fill the form with these values and click "Save":

Press the "Active" button in the top right and you're ALL DONE!  From this point forward, all Campaigns that are edited will be updated to have the right color.

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