Without any setup, your active Campaigns will appear on a calendar.  Just install Free Marketing Calendar from the AppExchange using the standard "Get It Now" button and grant access to all users during the install process.


Communicate relative importance or provide a visual queue for campaigns of different types by assigning each Campaign a color.  After you install the package, add the "Color Status" field to your Campaign page layout and pick from the dropdown of an assortment of colors.

Here is what you'll see for options:

Custom Name Field

Sometimes the name alone isn't enough to tell you what a campaign is all about.  Many people combine the Name + Type fields so a Campaign appears as "CNET - Webinar" instead of just "CNET".

To accomplish this, you can create a formula field to combine your desired fields or even create a custom field if you want to manually define the name as it should appear on the calendar.  After you have your field defined, update the Calendar Field Set to choose your new field.

Navigate to:
Setup > Build > Customize > Campaign > Field Sets

Click "Edit" next to the "MarketingCalendarEventTitle":

And pick the field you want to use (just pick one).

Hover Tool Tips

Some companies want to show additional details about registration counts, target audience, or other Campaign fields directly on the calendar.  Tool tips is a great way to do this because it only shows itself when you hover over a campaign.  Here's how it looks:

To configure this in your calendar, simply update the Calendar Field Set to choose your desired fields:

Navigate to:
Setup > Build > Customize > Campaign > Field Sets

Click "Edit" next to the "MarketingCalendarPopup":

And pick the fields you want to display using the drag and drop editor and make sure your field order makes sense to your users.

Advanced Customization

There are two paths to a completely custom calendar:

We have made a lot of calendars over the years, so we've open sourced the calendar source code.  This means that you can download the code and customize it to fit your exact needs (or hire us to do it for you):


Install the Salesforce PowerPack which comes with a fully configurable calendar that comes with filters and allows for display of any objects in your salesforce org.

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