Report Sender Plus customers get a new way to embed reports in an email, and everyone gets improved limits, bug fixes, and free trials.

Release Schedule

  • February 9, 2021 - Available on the AppExchange

  • February 11, 2021 - Pushed to all sandboxes

  • February 16, 2021 - Pushed to all production orgs

Install now: Sandbox | Production

Release Notes

Embed Reports in an Email

Requires Report Sender Plus Subscription

In this version of report sender we give you a whole new way to send reports - right in the email. So when you have a simple report and just want to make sure someone reads it, embed it directly in the email - no attachments and no fuss.

Just choose Email Body when you're scheduling your report.

And your report will be embedded right in the email.

Tips for embedded reports:

  • Email body currently only supports the detail rows, no row groupings or other formatting will be included in the report.

  • If the report is over 5k rows it will be sent as an attachment to avoid hitting Salesforce email limits.

Improved Limits

In this release we've done some work behind the scenes to support larger reports in all formats. You can now send reports up to 12 MB in all formats. The number of records depends on the type of format selected and the amount of data in the columns.

To check your report size, just export the report from Salesforce using the type you plan to use (CSV for Report Sender Free, or CSV/XLS/XLSX for Plus users) and see how large the report is on your computer. Or just test using Send Now! Send Now has been reconfigured to have increased limits to match the scheduled reports so you can test reports.

Billing System Changes

We now handle all of your billing (not through the AppExchange). We're working on a billing portal, but for now contact us if you need to subscribe to Report Sender Plus or modify an existing subscription.

Other Bug Fixes

We've also improved error handling for catching permission issues, modified our retry methods with the reporting API, and squashed some other bugs.

If you worked with us to report bugs or feature improvements, thank you! Your input really does help us guide the product roadmap.

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