CloudAnswers Report Sender is a 100% free application that runs natively inside of your Salesforce org. If you'd like to take advantage of some additional features, sign up for the Report Sender Plus to unlock them. 

CloudAnswers Report Sender

The free version of Report Sender is 100% free - schedule any number of reports and use it for as long as you want. 

  1. Schedule any Salesforce report to be sent via email
  2. Report is attached as a CSV file
  3. Enter a text or HTML email up to 255 characters
  4. Send to any email address
  5. Schedule the report to send on a regular basis

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Report Sender Plus Version

To unlock extra features, install the CloudAnswers Report Sender Plus. The Report Sender Plus is a combination of the most requested apps from our years of consulting experience and undelivered ideas on the IdeaExchange. The Report Sender Plus has a free trial, but requires a subscription after the trial ends. Visit the AppExchange for the latest pricing information. 

Subscribing to the Report Sender Plus unlocks the following benefits:

  1. Send reports as an unformatted XLS or a formatted XLSX file.
  2. Additional formatting options and 32k character emails allow for more options on the email message. 
  3. Skip sending reports if there is no data.
  4. Remove the "Sent from CloudAnswers Report Sender" footer from emails. 

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