In this version, we make it easier to deal with large lists of reports - sorting, pagination, and an easy way to view recipients.

Release Schedule

  • December 14 - Available on the AppExchange

  • December 15 - Automatically pushed to all sandboxes

  • December 20 - Automatically pushed to all production orgs

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Release Notes

Easier to Manage Lots of Report Schedules

We know some of you are using Report Sender to send lots of reports - and sometimes this can make it hard to manage. So in this release, we've made it easier to view your reports and find what you're looking for.

Now you can easily sort your reports by Name, Report, or Frequency:

You can also see how many recipients there are and view the list without having to edit the schedule.

And lastly, you can choose how many report schedules to see on each page and can page through the results.

Fixes for Editing Email Source

In a previous version, some people reported getting extra <p> tags when editing the Email Source. This has been fixed and the email editor has been thoroughly tested.

A word of caution on editing emails

Keep in mind when editing email sources that we still have limited support for HTML tags since we currently use the Salesforce rich text editor. For example, the current editor does not support hyperlinks, images, or style tags. So if you're pasting in an email created in another system, be aware that it may remove some tags and you may have to simplify the email.

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