The Cloudanswers PowerPack is proud to introduce the Lead Migrator to its powerful suite of add-ons to the Salesforce platform.

Simply set up field mappings so that when a lead is converted, its child objects are automatically transferred to the newly created contact.

Start migrating lead data with these easy steps:

Setup Field Mappings

1. Open PowerPack Admin screen and navigate to Lead Migrator.  Any custom objects that have both a lookup to the Lead object and a lookup to the Contact object will be available for mapping

2. Lead fields will be shown on the left column.  On the right column, choose the contact field that should be populated with the id of the contact that's created.

3. Click the Save Mappings button.  That's it!

Start Converting Leads

In our example, we've mapped the Lead__c field on the Website Document View object to the Contact field.

So if we have a lead with any child Website Document View objects, when we convert that lead, we are going to populate the Contact field on the Website Document View object

Check out PowerPack

The Lead Migrator is just one of many thoughtful and time-saving add-ons included in the Cloudanswers PowerPack.  Check it out today!

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