Report Sender Plus is a collection of apps built to handle some of the most popular ideas on the Salesforce Idea community.  We talk to our customers and surf the salesforce communities looking for the most impactful apps we can build.  Instead of launching dozens of small apps, we've combined them into one low cost package that you can install to get all the features.

What apps are included?

Report Sender Plus includes an upgraded version of our free Report Sender app, as well as 10 other apps!

  1. Lead Rotator - Distribute new leads evenly to a group of users.

  2. Opportunity Team Inherit - Auto-copy the Account team to the Opportunity team.

  3. Account "Find Duplicates" button - A quick way to check for duplicates and merge Accounts. 

  4. Auto Re-open Cases - Set cases to reopen when a new email comes in.

  5. Calendar Everything - Take any object with a date and see it on a calendar.

  6. Case Merge - Merge duplicate cases and maintain the history.

  7. Currency Sync - Automatically update your exchange rates on a daily basis.

  8. Google Drive - Drag and drop files, and see related files on any record.

  9. Power Notifications - Desktop notifications for Salesforce.

  10. Lead Migrator - Move custom objects to the Contact when converting Leads.

Got Questions?

If you have other products you would like to see included please send us a message using the chat icon on the lower right. 

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