If you care about dates in your business, you will find this calendar app helpful in keeping everyone on the same page.  Individuals will find it helpful to see their own work at a glance according to their deadlines.

What does it do?

It turns regular list views:

Into color coded calendars that allow for drag and drop updates.

Getting Started

Open the "Calendars" tab in salesforce. Review the example calendar for Opportunity Close Dates, or create your own.

To create your own calendar:

  1. Click on New Calendar

  2. Choose a name and a color

  3. Enter the details about what you want to see on the calendar (tip: you can use the same field for start and end date).

  4. If you need any, add filters to restrict which records appear. 

  5. That's it! Now you have a calendar.

Example: Creating a birthday calendar for Contacts.

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