Your team uses Google Drive and your files are stuck in Salesforce.  Liberate them to the rest of the company using this innovative approach to storing files across Salesforce and Google Drive.

This plugin can help you if you:

  1. Have files bigger than the size limit in Salesforce

  2. Have too many files to store in salesforce (storage limits)

  3. Want to share Google Drive files across other teams (eg. contracts/legal)

  4. Like the convenience of Google Drive because you can view and edit documents on your phone or desktop easily

What it does

  1. Allows you to drag and drop files from your desktop into a salesforce object to make it easier to attach files

  2. Creates a Google Drive folder for each record automatically keeping you more organized

  3. Frees up Salesforce storage

  4. Allows collaborators without additional salesforce licenses

What does it look like?


It's easy to setup, but to complete the setup, you must be an admin.

  1. Open the PowerPack Admin:

2. Activate the Object:

3.  Add the widget to your page layout:

🏁  🏁  You're Done! 🏁  🏁

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