We've been using this internally and with some select customers for a bit, and we're excited to announce our new Universal Related List. This component is a big upgrade over standard related lists in that you can customize it.

Release Schedule

The Universal Related List has been submitted to Salesforce's team for security review. Until then, you're welcome to check out the installation guide and start using it now!

Release Notes

Simply drag the Universal Related List onto any lightning record page and instantly have a related list that:

  • Can be labeled as anything you want

  • Displays up to 10 fields

  • Can be sorted dynamically

  • Can be filtered to only display certain records (i.e. open opportunities)

  • Has a dynamic picklist filter so users can filter their own records

And it's completely native! None of your data ever leaves Salesforce.

Check out the installation guide to learn more and begin using it.

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