Report Sender has been getting a lot of love lately. Both from all of our customers (thank you!) and from our development team. As this app continues to grow we realized that it needed to stand alone, separate from all the other apps you get as Plus subscribers. We have already begun this process, but this release simplifies how the apps work together and begins the deprecation process.

Release Schedule

  • November 24, 2020 - Available on the AppExchange

  • November 25, 2020 - Automatically pushed to all sandboxes

  • December 1, 2020 - Automatically pushed to all production orgs

Can't wait? Upgrade now: Sandbox | Production

Release Notes

In early 2019 we launched the standalone version of Report Sender after surveying our PowerPack users and finding that it was the favorite app that came in a package of almost a dozen apps. PowerPack was renamed to Report Sender Plus and Plus subscribers not only unlocked premium features in Report Sender, but also benefited from all of the other apps that come with the Plus subscription - Lead Rotator, Calendar Everything, and Case Merge to name a few.

With this release, we begin the deprecation process to remove the old Report Sender code while simplifying the installation process and hoping to clear up some confusion.

So what does this mean to me?

If this sounds confusing, don't worry, it's pretty simple to figure out how this affects your organization.

Step 1: Go to the PowerPack Admin tab and click on Report Sender

Step 2: Find the image below that matches what you see and follow the instructions

Image 1 - Report Sender Needed

If you see this message that means you've installed Report Sender Plus but not the dependent package, Report Sender. Click the Install Report Sender button and go through the install process.

Image 2 - Upgrade Needed Screen

If you see this warning, that means you are still using the old Report Sender code that we'll be removing at the end of the 2020. To fix this:

  1. Install the new Report Sender app using the Install Now link.

  2. Recreate any scheduled reports that you want to keep in the Report Sender tab. Feel free to explore some of the new features that you didn't have in the old report schedules while you're migrating. Contact us if you need to migrate a large number of report schedules.

  3. Come back to the PowerPack Admin tab and delete the old scheduled reports.

Image 3 - Nothing Needed

If you see this, you're all set!

Just click Launch Report Sender to open the Report Sender tab. You can always go straight there by just opening the Report Sender tab too.

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