This month we have a few more minor updates to Report Sender coming to your orgs.

Release Schedule

  • July 20 - Available on the AppExchange

  • July 21 - Automatically pushed to all sandboxes

  • July 27 - Automatically pushed to all production orgs

Can't wait? Upgrade now: Sandbox | Production

Release Notes

Improved Report List

Those of you with lots of report schedules have been asking for this for a bit. We've now made it easier to view your personal report schedules, and filter for Active or Inactive reports.

Tip: Report Schedules default to public read/write so everyone can see and edit each other's report schedules. Feel free to change this in the Sharing Settings in setup and then use the role hierarchy or sharing rules to share Report Schedules as needed.

Stability Improvements

Fixed a number of scenarios we've encountered over the past month:

  • A user can now schedule a report even if the admin that is running report sender cannot see that report. This is helpful if a user wants to schedule something in their personal custom reports.

  • If someone tries to send a report and they do not have the Export Reports permission we now show that the reporting API returned an error.

  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes.

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