Release Schedule

  • June 15 - Report Sender v1.40 is released to all sandboxes and made available for download in production.

  • June 17 - Report Sender v1.40 is automatically released to all production orgs.

Release Notes

New Report Selection Functionality

In orgs that have a lot of reports, we found that the old drop-down was overwhelming. So we replaced it with a search bar. Now select the report folder and quickly search for the report you want.

If you want to change the report, just click on the Report Name and search for another one.

Report Sender Running User

In order to send the reports on time, Report Sender schedules an hourly job to check for report schedules. It works best if this is running as your admin user. To make it easier to check, we've added the running user below the Activate toggle. To change this, login as the desired running user and de-activate and then re-activate Report Sender.

Stability and Error Handling Improvements

Thanks to all the people using report sender, we've also uncovered a number of special cases that we fixed.

  • We've handled a few situations where people did not receive weekly or monthly reports.

  • If you had more than 10k reports and weren't seeing some report folders, now you can see all of your folders.

  • Improved error handling for failures related to data storage.

  • We fixed an error on some reports with more than 50k rows (regex too complicated error).

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