• Salesforce org where you have permission to install packages

  • Salesforce My Domain fully deployed


To get started, we will be installing two apps:

  • The Report Sender free app which has the Report Sender code

  • The Report Sender Plus app that unlocks all the Plus features and additional apps.

Both apps can be installed from the AppExchange. They can be installed in any order. Both apps must be installed for Report Sender Plus to work.

 1. To install the apps, click the Get it Now link on the listings.

 2. When you get to this screen on both apps, you can choose to Install for Admins or choose specific profiles. We don't recommend installing for all users. These permissions can always be changed after install.

 3. Sometimes the install takes a while. If so, Salesforce may tell you that they'll email you when it's complete. You can install the second app while you wait for the first one if this happens.

Now that you have them both installed, you're ready to start using the apps!

 4. Go to the Report Sender tab to start scheduling reports, or go to the PowerPack Admin tab to use any of the other apps. 

Activate Report Sender Plus

Report Sender Plus starts with a free trial. If you'd like to activate your subscription just contact us using the chat at the bottom right or emailing [email protected].

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