We published this free application on the Salesforce AppExchange because many people were looking for the same functionality and there were no solutions out there.

In Salesforce, the Opportunity Team is only editable by the Owner of the Opportunity or a user above the owner in the Role Hierarchy.  This Opportunity Team logic does not obey the same sharing rules that govern the Opportunity.

This simple app gives you a page that you can use to allow anyone with edit access on the Opportunity to change the Opportunity Team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does it work in lightning?  Yes!

  2. Can I restrict it to certain profiles?  Yes, update profile access to the Visualforce page

How it Works

Here's a quick demo of how to add an Opportunity Team Member.

A couple of tips:

  • You can't edit team members. If you want to change something about a team member, just delete the team member and add a new one.

  • If you can edit the Opportunity, you can edit the team members now. So if you are having trouble editing the team members, make sure you have permission to edit the Opportunity.

  • If a user can't edit the Opportunity, then they can't add team members either. They'll get this error:

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