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Why am I getting a warning about lightning runtime? 

When saving a flow that uses Fast Flow Form, you may see the following error. This is just a reminder that since it is a Lightning Component, it will require that this Flow is run in Lightning Experience. A flow with this component will not work in classic.

I installed the component but don't see it in the Flow Editor

If you installed the component but don't see it, then check to make sure that My Domain is enabled. If it wasn't enabled, you'll need to uninstall Fast Flow Form, enable My Domain, and then reinstall it. 

I can see the flow but other users can't

There are two things to check here:

  1. Make sure the user has the "Run Flows" permission on their profile or a permission set. 

  2. Make sure the lightning page has been activated for the app and profile in question. See Lightning Page Activation in Salesforce help for more info.

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