The Universal Related List is a lightning component that you can install from the AppExchange. You can add it to any lightning page to replace standard related lists in minutes!

The component lets you create special related lists that are filtered to show only some of the related records, such as open cases. Users can also sort and filter records right on the screen. 

The component is easily installed, setup, and modified by any admin. No code required! 


To install and use the Universal Related List, you'll need to make sure you have the following:

  1. Lightning Experience enabled

  2. My Domain setup for your org

  3. Installing user has the Download AppExchange Packages permission on their profile or one of their permission sets. 


    1. First, download the component from the AppExchange
    2. Then, navigate to any record in Lightning Experience
    3. In the top right, click the Setup gear and click Edit Page

    4. On the left panel, scroll down until you see the Custom - Managed section and the UniversalRelatedList component. Drag this to wherever you want it on the page. 

    5. Then fill out the attributes that show up in the right column (Ignore the error that shows up, it'll go away when you fill out the required information). 

    6. Click Save
    7. If this is a new lightning page, click on Activation to go through the steps to activate it.
    8. If desired, edit the page layout to remove any related lists you've replaced with this component.
    9. Click Back to go see the component in action! That's it, now just repeat for any related lists you want to upgrade.  

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